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Tell your story to the world in 3 minutes


This platform empowers the youth in Kenya for free. One of our core business is to share your story. Our research shows that most of problems faced by Kenyans on daily basis have a corresponding solution created by a fellow Kenyan. However, these solutions are hardly known since our media and sometimes, the government promotes and rewards mediocrity more than creativity and hardwork.

Take advantage of our platform and air your story to the world for free. Send that incredible story to info@digitalcomrade.co.ke . We are going to publish and share it with thousands of our daily users on Digital Comrade platform, tens of thousands of our followers on social media and others. These people could be your clients or even future partners or potential investors. When we share your story, it will not only reach substantial audience but also appear in all major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

About Digital Comrade platform

DIGITAL COMRADE is a leading Internet Service Provider empowering hundreds of thousands of Univeristy and college students in Kenya through technology. The platform was developed by Shadrack Matata in 2019 to help students who cannot afford to rent physical business premises to advertise and sell products and services online to their colleagues in order to sustain themselves in campus. With time, the platform added more modules(listed below) tailored to empower the Youth in Kenya

This module enables students in Kenyan Universities & colleges to advertise,market and sell products & services online to their colleagues online. It’s SIMPLE & FREE to post unlimited number of ads in our platform with thousands of daily users. When someone orders your product/service, we send you an SMS and E-mail instantly to connect you with your client(s) in real-time

This module helps students to locate rental houses around their campuses. We provide 3 high resolution images, features,landloard/agent contacts and reviews from former and current tenants for every apartment

This modules enables students to elect leaders for their student clubs & organizations online. Only authorized voters are able to cast a vote. A single poll can support a maximum of 100,000 voters

We help the Youth in Kenya especially Students in University and colleges to develop, prototype and incubate their ideas to become a market ready product

We offer Web and mobile app development,Search Engine optimization, POS & ERP systems, Payment integrations(Mpesa, EazzyPay, PayPal and cards), Bulk SMS, Domain registration and hosting,Bots and automation,REST & SOAP APIs, IoT and Cyber security consultancy


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Digital Comrade
Digital Comrade is a leading Internet Service provider empowering hundreds of thousands of Univeristy and college students in Kenya through technology.