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How to learn CODE in 24 hours


First of all, this is not possible. It has never happened before and you’re not going to the first one to learn code in 3 months. Not even in 6 months. It will take you at least one year to be able to write a commercially viable computer program/software /app if you have your mind and soul in it .

Whether you’re 16 years or 70, it takes more willingness than ability to learn and understand code. So if you’re willing to be a software / application developer, where do you learn this magic?The answer is- The internet. No one, absolutely no one can teach you code, you can only be guided. It’s all going to be your own affair because programming is more of an art than science, a self-induced talent. It’s just like Running.. Who taught you how to run or walk? Software/applications are written in machine languages, where this case, not English or Chinese but combinations of words, digits and symbols that instruct computers on what to do.Now once you learn semantics(Technically known as syntax), CREATIVITY takes over. Just like you were taught how to punctuate, order of adjectives and then you use all that to compose an essay – the quality and the sense of essay depends on your creativity and the same applies here. So go to any institution but they won’t teach you how to code, they’ll give a certificate to confirm that you went through the basics for a couple of years under their supervision.

So where do you start? Again, it depends on whether you want to succeed or quit. It’s very simple to give up on Code – just start with object oriented /higher level programming language/ framework like Python or Java. You can also begin with Ruby on Rails and see whether you’ll go past 3 weeks. We’ll, there could exceptions, like myself. I remember I started with Microsoft Visual Basic, which was very discouraging but I survived the drill. So, you could as well start with C# and end up being one of the best/smart developers ever.In order to survive in this course, you need something to motivate you to proceed, and in this case, it should be some tangible /visible output of the simple code that you write. Schools will introduce you to programming with C language which in my own view, isn’t that bad. That’s for formality but for self growth, I’d urge you to start with Markup language, HTML(I’m not suggesting you must be a web developer). I didn’t say HTML is a programming language, underline markup language. It will satisfy your curiosity easily because it’s very simple to design Interfaces and nothing motivates a developer than seeing some output of their code. Again, markup languages don’t produce any error, hence you won’t be easily discouraged as much as you would when you leave out a single dot(.) in Java.

From that point you can think of adding functionality to your static pages with some scripting language and you keep growing in that order and pace and in a few years you’ll have upgraded to a level of programming Artificial Intelligence models, sophisticated bots and such like.I’d recommend you to use YouTube tutorials because they give you visual impression of what is happening as compared to some textual tutorial. Type exactly whatever you’re seeing in that video and run it to see whether you get the same output. You can also use platforms like W3schools, stackoverflow etc

After you feel you can program something to solve a real life problem, you can pick any project and work on it as you’re being paid. Do 3 more and pick the best one. Deploy it in production and see how it performs. Pay attention to the feedback you’re getting from the users and implement their recommendations. At this point, you’re already invincible, a self anointed developer, ready and ripe to conquer the industry

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